The Outaouais is the perfect little get-away during both the Fall and Springtime, with several activities available to those not content to be simply surrounded by nature and enjoying the view.
Hiking & Mountain biking
The trail in back of the chalet leads right to Mont. Ste. Marie and is a great for the up close experience of fall colours, deer and more.
Spring and Fall are considered the best seasons for anglers at Ste. Marie, where you will find an abundance of Bass (both small mouth and large mouth), Pickerel, Catfish, Perch, Pike, Walleye, White Fish and various other fish.

Be sure to have your Province of Quebec fishing permit with you at all times. These can be found in most sporting goods stores and from a number of outfitters. Also be sure to consult the Quebec government on what is "In season" and what is not - this can vary in different regions of Quebec and penalties can be very severe.

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The Golf course is also open three seasons, so be sure to check out details on golfing within Summer features.